The duties of our Public Safety Telecommunicators include:

  • Call Handling - Public Safety Telecommunicators answer and respond to incoming emergency and routine calls for service via 911 and non-emergency phone lines. Calls for Fire and Emergency Medical Services are transferred to Orange County Fire Rescue Communications.
  • House Check Requests - Are you going to be away from your residence? Contact the Communications Center and place your house on our extra patrol list. We will obtain pertinent information, including emergency contact numbers, that will help give you peace of mind while you are away.
  • Radio - Dispatch law enforcement calls for service via an 800 Mhz Radio System. Dispatchers monitor a multi-channel radio system, handling various requests from Officers as well as other public safety agencies.
  • Teletype - Operate state and national criminal information databases, checking for wanted persons, stolen vehicles, vehicle registrations, and other pertinent inquiries. Dispatchers enter various records, such as missing persons and stolen vehicles, into these databases.