Our Philosophy

Our Vision

As we enter the 21st century the Winter Garden Police Department will be a culturally diverse, highly motivated, professional law enforcement organization, representative of, and respected by, the community that it serves.

Our Mission

Create safe communities by building partnerships to prevent crime and utilizing modern technology to target criminal activities.

Our Values


Ensuring that others are treated with respect, dignity and sensitivity; managing our official duties in a judicious, responsible and caring manner.


A commitment to moral principles and ethical behavior, requiring candor, honesty, and sincerity in all that we do while avoiding even the least showing of impropriety.


Providing for uniformity of direction and action toward the organizational mission; motivating others to action through setting an example in both work ethic and conduct.


A commitment to the organization, to our co-workers, to the City, and to the State, over and above the commitment to any particular individual or personal agenda.


Recognizing and promoting one's sense of personal value and worth, and fostering the enrichment of that value and worth, there by acknowledging that organizational pride emanates from the collective dignity and self-respect of others.


Promoting, by example, the highest standards of appearance, conduct and propriety in all that we say and do; recognizing that EACH of us MUST set the standard for others to follow.