Election Dates

2024 - Tuesday – March 19, 2024 (Piggyback Presidential Preference Primary)

(Four-Year Terms Begin)

  • 2024 – Commissioner Districts 2, 3 and 4


Election Dates subject to change to coincide with Presidential Preference Primary

No election required when incumbent is unopposed

Run-Off Election, if necessary (Month following election)


The information contained herein is based on laws and election requirements for City of Winter Garden elections. Access Florida Statutes Chapter 106.  This page is for INFORMATIONAL USE ONLY and is not intended to constitute everything contained in the City’s Charter, Code of Ordinances or Florida Election Laws related to this subject. Therefore, please refer to Article V of the City Charter and Chapter 2, Article V of the Code of Ordinances.


  • Resident of City and District - 1 year
  • Registered Voter in District -  1 year
  • Must not hold any other public office (except Notary Public, United States Military)


  • Begins:    November   7, 2023 - 12:00 Noon
  • Ends:       November 14, 2023 - 12:00 Noon  (Per Code Section 2-256(a))


 Qualifying Dates are subject to change to coincide with a Presidential Preference Primary

Qualifying fee - 1% of annual salary of office sought - plus a $15 filing fee

Terms of Office

  • Three-year Terms     (Exception: Filling an unexpired seat)
  • Four-year Terms     Begin 2023 (Per Charter Amendment – March 17, 2020)
  • Term Begins             At next regular City Commission Meeting – After Election                                                          Oath of Office is administered

Non-Partisan Elections

(Designation of political party affiliation is not allowed)

All City elections conducted on a non-partisan basis

City Canvassing Board

The City Canvassing Board consists of the City Clerk and two citizens appointed by the City Commission. Additionally, two citizens are appointed by the City Commission to serve as alternate members.  After the polls close on Election Day, the board meets to canvass vote-by-mail ballots and provisional ballots. After canvassing, a certificate of election results is signed by each Canvassing Board member.  Note: The City Commission may deem it necessary to delegate the canvassing board duties to the Orange County Supervisor of Elections.

Legal Ads & Public Notices

Additional Assistance

City Supervisor of Elections - 407-656-4111, Ext. 2297

Orange County Supervisor of Elections - 407-836-2070 (Registration or Vote-by-mail Ballots)