Privileges & Restrictions

  1. No cemetery lot owner shall allow burials in his lot for remuneration, and no sale, transfer, or assignment of any lot shall be valid without the consent of the city and an endorsement of any such conveyance by the city clerk.
  2. No lot in the cemetery shall have shells, toys, glassware, trinkets, or objects other than markers or flowers placed on any grave.
  3. The city or its employees assume no liability for damage in the performance of the cemetery's normal operations, or loss by vandalism or other acts beyond its reasonable control.

Conduct in Cemetery

  1. The Cemetery is open between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.
  2. No person shall break or injure any tree or shrub, pick any wild or cultivated flowers or mar any landmark, marker, or memorial or in any way deface the grounds of the cemetery.
  3. Use only the established avenues, walkways and roads.
  4. Children under 16 years of age shall not be permitted within the cemetery or its buildings, unless accompanied by an adult.
  5. No advertisement of any kind on cemetery grounds.
  6. No domestic animals allowed.
  7. No refreshments or liquors allowed.
  8. No person shall throw rubbish or debris on walks, drives or any part of cemetery grounds.
  9. No loud talking shall be permitted on the cemetery grounds within hearing distance of funeral services.

Motor Vehicles

  1. Speed limit is 15 miles per hour.
  2. Drive and park only on the right side of the opened roads and driveways.
  3. No U-turns are permitted.
  4. Do not park in front of an open grave unless the occupants of such vehicles are in attendance at a funeral.

Conditions of Burial

  1. The city shall not be responsible for errors in location of graves or lots arising from improper instruction of lot owners. Orders from funeral directors shall be construed as orders from owners.
  2. No person shall be buried in any lot, in which such person did not have a legal interest.
  3. The city may exchange interment rights when desired by owners, but not for interment rights of lesser value. When such an exchange is made, the original conveyance must be surrendered by proper assignment, or by conveyance if considered necessary, plus a fee of $5 shall be paid before any change is effected.
  4. The city may refuse to consent to a transfer or to an assignment as long as there is any indebtedness due the city in connection with the lot, grave memorial, lot care or right of transfer in question.

Removal of Flowers, Emblems

As soon as flowers, wreaths, emblems, etc., used at funerals and placed on graves become unsightly or faded, they will be removed, and no responsibility for their protection or maintenance is assumed.

Lot Improvement & Maintenance

  1. If any tree, shrub or plant standing upon any lot, by means of its roots, branches or otherwise, becomes detrimental to adjacent lots or avenues or if for any reason its removal is deemed necessary, the cemetery supervisor shall have the right and it shall be his duty to remove such tree, plant or shrub or any part thereof or to otherwise correct the condition existing.
  2. Potted plants, wreaths, and baskets shall be removed from lots and graves when in the judgment of the cemetery supervisor it is in the best interest of the cemetery to remove them.

Installations, Foundations, Vaults, Markers & Memorials

  1. No more than two inscriptions will be permitted on the face of any crypt in a mausoleum in the cemetery, and all inscriptions shall be limited to the name of the deceased, the date of birth and date of death of such deceased.
  2. No more than one inscription will be permitted on the face of any niche.
  3. All foundations shall be built by the city at the cost of the owner, and the city shall assume the responsibility for the proper construction of the foundation.
  4. No material except granite, a good grade of white marble, cut stone from recognized monument quarries, or standard bronze shall be used for markers or monuments. The use of two or more kinds of granite in any one lot varying materially in color or texture shall not be permitted.

Trees, Shrubs & Flowers

  1. Planting of trees, shrubs, vines or plants on their lots without prior permission of the city manager is prohibited.
  2. Only one vase or wreath arrangement will be permitted in front of any crypt in any mausoleum in the cemetery, except at the time of interment, when the flower arrangements will be allowed to remain in front of the crypt for a reasonable period of time.

Note: These rules are not intended to be all inclusive of the cemetery rules. If you require detailed information, please refer to the City's Code of Ordinances Chapter 26.