Community Liaison Unit

Last Update: November 07 2018

The officers of the Community Liaison Unit have received specialized training in Crime Prevention through the Florida Office of the Attorney General. One of the Community Liaison Unit’s primary functions is the promotion of safe neighborhoods and schools. Another is to assist the various schools, residential and business populations with the development of cooperative crime prevention endeavors. Unit members involve themselves with assignments that will enhance law awareness and the prevention of crime.

In addition to these duties, the Community Liaison Unit also provides and manages several community-based programs (please click on the links for more information):


                                      Officer Price                                         Officer Michaud                                              Officer Waters

If you are interested in any of the programs offered by The Winter Garden Police Department’s Community Liaison Unit, contact: Sgt. Alana Allen at: (407) 656-3636, ext. 4058 or by e-mail at: