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251 West Plant St.
Winter Garden, FL 34787

The Winter Garden Police Department Website should not be relied upon for emergency services and is no way designed to serve as an alternative to the emergency services provided by 911 telephone service. If you have an emergency do not hesitate to contact 911.

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Last Update: December 17 2015

251 West Plant Street (Map it)
Winter Garden, FL 34787
Non Emergency - (407) 656-3636
Facsimile - (407) 877-0166
9 - 1 - 1


Rank/Title Name Email Phone
Chief of Police Brennan, George 407-656-5959
Deputy Chief      
Lieutenant Ralston, Keith 407-877-4813
Lieutenant Allen, Scott 407-877-4875
Lieutenant Dawkins, Anthony 407-877-4891

Support Staff
Executive Assistant Rambissoon, Ruth 407-877-4816
Administrative Assistant Mojica, Stacey 407-877-4896
Crime Analyst Christian, Lynn 407-877-4830
Evidence/Crime Scene Lininger, Kenneth 407-877-4817
Senior Records Specialist Henderson, Brenda 407-656-3636 x2224
Records Specialist Stubbs, Tynetta 407-877-4825

Sergeant Allen, Alana 407-877-4892
Sergeant Capeletti, James 407-877-4833
Sergeant Chaparro, Carlos 407-877-4889
Sergeant Durias, April 407-877-4879
Sergeant Gardner, Anthony 407-877-4855
Sergeant Mason, Michael 407-877-4831
Sergeant Pearson, Jason 407-877-4812
Communications Manager Revels, Reid 407-877-4801
Communications Supervisor Duval, Debra 407-656-3636
Communications Supervisor Howard, Leah 407-656-3636
Communications Supervisor Buchanan, Joanna 407-656-3636

Officer Agosto, Alba 407-656-3636 x4097
Officer Albaladejo, Neftali 407-656-3636 x4012
Detective Avila, James 407-656-3636 x4022
Officer Bartko, William 407-656-3636 x4029
Officer Bentil, Gerald 407-656-3636 x4023
Officer Burgos, Jonathan 407-656-3636 x4088
Officer Cameron, Nathan 407-656-3636 x4014
Officer Carter III, Elwood 407-877-5499
Officer Chamberlin, Robert 407-656-3636 x4082
Detective Clarke, David 407-877-4876
Officer  Clinger, Eric 407-656-3636 x4042
Detective Coello, Jorge 407-656-3636 x4019
Detective Cox, James 407-656-3636 x4401
Detective Davis, James 407-877-4878
Officer Doyle, Jeffrey 407-656-3636 x4053
Officer Earley, Joshua 407-656-3636 x4099
Officer Edmonds, Steven 407-656-3636 x4410
Officer Fambrough, Paula 407-656-3636 x4077
Detective Gammill, Bobby 407-877-4886
Officer Garcia, Ramon 407-656-3636 x4408
Officer Givens, James 407-656-3636 x4041
Officer Graham, Joshua 407-656-3636 x4025
Officer Griffin, Matthew 407-656-3636 x4084
Officer Hanke, John 407-656-3636 x4048
Officer Hernandez, Paola 407-656-3636 x4406
Detective House, Jerald 407-877-4871
Officer Hudson, Cody 407-656-3636 x4005
Officer Keane, Peter 407-656-3636 x4038
Officer Khuu, Hoi 407-656-3636 x4403
Officer Kirk, Brian 407-656-3636 x4067
Detective Klemenz, Brian 407-656-3636 x4063
Officer Lal, Rajiv 407-656-3636 x4033
Officer Lancaster, Brian 407-656-3636 x4070
Officer Mathisen, Leigh 407-656-3636 x4035
Officer McAvoy, Megan 407-656-3636 x4093
Officer McCambridge, Jessica 407-656-3636 x8865
Officer McClellan, Keith 407-656-3636 x4004
Officer McLeod, James 407-877-4883
Officer McSpadden, Jason 407-656-3636 x4016
Officer Mendoza, Jessica 407-656-3636 x4047
Officer Michaud, Gail 407-656-3636 x4405
Officer Orlando, Christian 407-656-3636 x4066
Detective Phelps, Kevin 407-877-4887
Officer Price, Kristen 407-877-4884
Officer Raphael, Andrew 407-877-4882
Officer Resko, Thomas 407-656-3636 x4049
Officer Rivera, Jose 407-656-3636 x4071
Officer Roebke, Jason 407-656-3636x4064
Officer San Filippo, Rachel 407-656-3636 x4034
Officer Smyth, Justin 407-656-3636 x4027
Officer Torres, Gean 407-656-3636 x4419
Officer Velasquez, Luis 407-656-3636 x4052
Detective Vernon, Dave 407-877-4893
Officer Wallace, Jeremiah 407-656-3636 x4013
Officer Waters, Sylvester 407-656-3636 x4090
Detective Wilcox, James 407-877-4834
Officer Willix, Donna 407-656-3636 x4039

Public Safety Telecommunications
Public Safety Telecommunicator Abonza, Sandra 407-656-3636
Public Safety Telecommunicator Anderson, Julie 407-656-3636
Public Safety Telecommunicator Burns, Susan 407-656-3636
Public Safety Telecommunicator Colon, Laneisha 407-656-3636
Public Safety Telecommunicator Fall, Zachary 407-656-3636
Public Safety Telecommunicator Gilzen, Jacob 407-656-3636
Public Safety Telecommunicator Harrell, Kimberly 407-656-3636
Public Safety Telecommunicator Johnson, Dionne 407-656-3636
Public Safety Telecommunicator Kenney, Julie 407-656-3636
Public Safety Telecommunicator Lal, Sadhna 407-656-3636
Public Safety Telecommunicator McCarty, Melissa 407-656-3636
Public Safety Telecommunicator Oehler, Melissa 407-656-3636
Public Safety Telecommunicator Smith, Luke 407-656-3636
Public Safety Telecommunicator Snell, Joshua 407-656-3636
Public Safety Telecommunicator Stokem, Desiree 407-656-3636
Public Safety Telecommunicator White, Charlene 407-656-3636
Public Safety Telecommunicator