Phone Scam Alert!  Unpaid Bill

June 13 2013

Have you received a phone call from someone claiming to be your local power company employee? Did they tell you the electric will be turned off if you don’t pay your overdue bill including a late fee?


Recently, individuals have been calling victims claiming to represent the local power company. They are misleading victims by stating they never received payment for their last electric bill and are asking for credit card information and/or account information. They might even offer to pay the whole bill for a small fee; you just have to provide that coveted credit card number!

Occasionally, your power company may call you, but they will provide you with information only you and the power company will know. Also, they will never offer to pay an entire account for a fee. And if your account is overdue, they will send you several notices in the mail before calling you.

If you suspect the person calling you is not who they claim to be, hang up and call your power company. If you have been a victim, please call the Winter Garden Police Department at 407.656.3636 or contact your local law enforcement agency.

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