Do NOT Be a Victim of a Check Deposit Scam!

July 22 2013

Has someone asked you to deposit checks for them into your account and then wire them the money minus your commission?

Have you been informed you are due a sizeable inheritance due to the recent death of a distant relative, but you need to pay certain legal fees to obtain the money?

Has a stranger offered to pay you for something with a check or money order for more than the purchase price?

Don't Be the Victim of a Check Deposit Scam!

Each year, check deposit scams defraud thousands of people in the U.S. Even the most skeptical consumer can be deceived. Find out how you can protect yourself and your family.

Here's What Happens:

Individuals using fake check scams usually look for victims by scanning newspaper and online advertisements, such as on Craigslist, listing items for sale. They place their own ads with phone numbers or email addresses for people to contact them. They call or send thousands of emails or faxes to people randomly, hoping someone will respond. They win people's confidence by presenting checks that look like they're from legitimate individual or business accounts.

Your bank may learn, after you withdraw or wire the money from your account, that the check you were given was fraudulent. At this time the check will be returned to the bank unpaid and the full amount of the check will be deducted from your account. Because bank customers are generally responsible for the checks they deposit, the victims of these scams are left to repay the money they withdrew against the bad check. Just because you can withdraw the money doesn't mean the check is good, even if it's a cashier's check. It can take weeks for the forgery to be discovered and the check to be returned.

What Can You Do?

Don't get involved in any sale where the buyer wants you to accept a check for an inflated amount and give them back the overage. Usually, there are no legitimate reasons for someone who is giving you money to ask you to wire money back. If a stranger wants to pay you for something, insist on a cashier's check for the exact amount, preferably from a local bank or a bank that has a branch in your area.

Don't deposit it – report it! If you believe you have been the victim of or are currently being solicited by a fraudster, contact the Winter Garden Police Department immediately.


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